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Our Team & Partners

Chantel Ashkar 


Chantel has experience working with children, autistic people, and people who've experienced acute trauma - in particular, victims of crime, veterans, and first responders. Chantel uses cognitive and personal construct approaches in her work. She is also a board approved supervisor and approved for Victims Services, DVA, and Workcover.


Jennifer Ashkar

Jennifer uses an attachment and client-centred approach in her work. She has an interest in working with clients who've experienced grief, attachment wounds, trauma, and OCD. She has extensive experience working with autistic people and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Jennifer has a background working in educational settings.


Taylah Loader

Taylah owns and operates InterLink Psychology. Taylah sees clients of all ages and presentations. She has an attachment focus, and has a special interest in working with couples, clients with anxiety, and child clients.

Chloe Hulse

Chloe owns and operates CH Psychology. Chloe enjoys working with teenagers, young people, and adult clients. Chloe works with clients who have experienced trauma, anxiety disorders, and neurodivergent conditions. Chloe has a background in out of home care settings.

Soha Ghecham
Speech Pathologist

Soha owns and operates The Communication Centre. Soha works with toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults to communicate meaningfully. Soha works with autistic and disabled people and takes a neuro-divergent affirming approach in her work.

Carol Hayek 
Clinical Psychologist

Carol owns and operates Psychlinx in Sydney and works from Goulburn once a month. Carol uses a psychoanalytic approach, and is trained in EMDR therapy. Carol works with adult clients who have experienced trauma, complicated grief, and neurodivergent presentations.

Mikaela Nicholson
Therapy Assistant / Support Worker 

Mikaela has a diploma in art therapy and a bachelors degree in fine arts. Mikaela helps NDIS participants build self-regulation and self-expression skills using art, play, and sensory activities. 


Amanda Humphries
Therapy Assistant / Support Worker 

Amanda has a diploma in counselling and a certificate IV in disability services. Amanda helps NDIS participants build skills in: communication, emotion recognition, independent living skills, and community participation.


Shannon Deas-Cox 
Therapy Assistant / Support Worker 

Shannon Is a psychology student and works as a therapy assistant and support worker. She has extensive experience working with children and young people in disability and out  of home care settings. Shannon helps NDIS participants build skills, increase independence, and participate in the community.

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