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Our Services

Individual Therapy


We can support clients individually with the following presentations:

Mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression), OCD, grief, trauma, relationship breakdown, autism, ADHD, PTSD, personality disorders, chronic mental illness (manic depression, psychosis, schizophrenia), and chronic pain conditions.

Court Reports


We conduct independent psychological assessments and evaluations for the court system. Fees & charges are calculated based on  the scope of the assessment conducted. We require your lawyer to contact us directly for these enquiries.

Couples Counselling


We use an emotionally-focused and attached based approach when working with couples, as well as some Gottman techniques. We work with couples in conflict to re-connect and tune in with one another.

Group Therapy


We run DBT skills groups for adolescents and their families. Group DBT can help young people survive crises, improve their interpersonal skills, and regulate their emotions. We also run ERP-based CBT groups for children and their families struggling with anxiety and OCD. 

Assessment & Diagnosis


We conduct extensive psychological and diagnostic assessments, including: autism and ADHD diagnosis, cognitive and memory assessments, personality assessments, specific learning disorder diagnosis, and functional capacity assessments. Some assessments can be completed via Telehealth. Please contact us to find out more. 

Support Work & Groups


We run tailored programs to support autistic people & their families. We provide support work and skills-building services. We also hold social groups for autistic people 5-25 years, giving them an opportunity to engage with the autistic community and un-mask. We will be facilitating sensory feeding programs soon! 

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